2015 TDS Training – Run no. 12 – Easy Tuesday morning run

This is the “easy Tuesday” so instead of quick evening road run comes easy morning trail run.

I love these morning outings on the trails right in my backyard. I expected that today might be difficult to get out in the morning. Therefore I set my alarm clock for several alarms in 10 minutes intervals. After first 2 alarms I tried to convince myself that it would be more sensible not to wake up and go for evening run instead. At third alarm I looked out of the window, saw the weather is decent (meaning no thunderstorms etc) and decided to go for it. As it is warmer and more humid now I decided to take 2 bottles of water with me. One hand held with Nuun, another one was the soft flask filled with water only – and that one went into the back pocket of my jersey.

The run up the road towards the trail went better and easier than I expected. As usual I ran all the way to the steps at the beginning of the forest. From there I fast hiked jogged up and down the steps until the Cecil’s Ride. There I turned left and the run proper has begun. My legs were a bit heavy and I had bit of a headache (I suspect the weather might have something to do with it) so I was not exactly setting the trail on fire. But plan was for easy run so the pace did not bother me.

I had not set distance for this run. The minimum was to do about 10km – that meant to the bridge after the Mt. Parker Road and back. The longer I was running the better I was feeling. Just before the the road I paused by the water pipe for a quick face and head shower. That really helped. When I got to the bridge I decided to go on. Thanks to that extra bottle in my back pocket I had enough water for a bit longer run.

The trails after that bridge are my favourite spots on the Hong Kong Island. One is surrounded by green hills, the orange dirt trails are lined with pine trees (and of course all the tropical stuff that grows here) and it is quiet. I stopped at one of my favourite vistas for a view and a sip of water.

Steamy out there around Mt.Parker

Steamy out there around Mt.Parker

Then I decided to complete my 15K or so loop that switches back over a slightly raised plateau above Kornhill with incredible views of the Mt. Parker area and where many senior citizen hike for their morning exercises.

Once I climbed and jogged over that plateau I rejoined the trail and headed back the same way. On the way back my legs felt much better so I picked the pace a bit and really enjoyed the run. I stopped again at the water pipe to cool and recharge myself for the final 4.5km and dashed back home.

This was a happy run, 15.5km long at the end, exactly what I needed after the tough time I had last week with the hay fever and tiredness and everything.

Link to Strava here.

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