2015 TDS Training – Run no. 13 – Thursday morning Parker #4

I had to skip my planned Wednesday night track session. The thunderstorm was just a bit too much for my comfort. So for this morning run my legs were quite fresh and so was the post storm air.

By the time I got out of the house there was almost no rain. It was very humid but otherwise pleasant, overcast morning. Quick glance towards Mt. Parker revealed that I would reach the clouds quite early into my run. All set.

As usual I begun my warm up jog along the King’s Road, some 800m before the actual start of the climb. Once I reached the Mt. Parker Road I started my push up the hill. I kept steady running pace and my legs felt good. I thought that I am simply going too easy. My watch was telling me otherwise – pace was decent. The weather was definitely helping.

I got lost somewhere in my thoughts and then I realized I am at Tai Fung Au already. I felt pretty good. I kept running beyond the usual “hike-from-here” point. Between Tai Fung Au and Mt. Parker I still switched to hike mode from time to time but this time (because of the favourable weather) I tried to run most of it. Later I found out that this was my 3rd fastest run up to Mt. Parker (the two faster one done in much better winter weather) and my second fastest run up from Tai Fung Au to the top (the final 1.5km of the hill). So good run up.

The lovely view of Tai Tam reservoirs from Mt. Parker

The lovely view of Tai Tam reservoirs from Mt. Parker

After the compulsory photo of the reservoirs from the top I decided to add a bit of extra today – run from radar to radar – so basically a 300m long ramp. This is not a hotly contested Strava segment but getting to second place is not bad news for breakfast.

From the second radar I simply turned around, rejoined the original route and dashed back down to Quarry Bay. From there the usual slalom on the sidewalk back to North Point.

Overall – good almost 12km uphill downhill workout in great summer running weather – the only thing that could make it a bit better would be some rain.

Link to Strava here.

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