2015 TDS Training – Run no. 15 – Sunday long jog

My legs were still a bit heavy after Saturday. But I hoped that after a while I will get them going. Plan was to go easy for about 20km without too much climbing.

Lots of water ...

The beginning uphill run towards trail was a bit tough. But once I got going on the trail I felt fine. I was a pretty straightforward run for the first 7-8km. I followed the RTI east route, paused at some springs to cool down, chatted with Keith whom I met during one of those pauses on totally submerged piece of trail.

Trail, not a stream ...

Trail, not a stream …

I planned to jog about 10km there and then go the same way back. But further I was going the less runable the trail was. The rocky trail was wet and a bit tricky. I was walking more than running and I wanted to run… I decided to alter my plans a bit. I turned around and ran back taking time to fix my drink and enjoy the view.

Enjoying view while fixing my drink

After crossing Mt. Parker Rd I continued on Sir Cecil’s and then turned uphill on Wilson towards Siu Ma Shan. Instead of climbing the hill I went straight towards Mt. Butler Rd and then back on Sir Cecil’s from the other end.

Towards the end I was feeling my legs already but it was good feeling after almost 50km weekend.

Link to Strava here.

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