2015 TDS Training – Run no. 16 – Tuesday night road – Humid struggle

It was back to the late evening Tuesday road run this week. Good timing as doing a proper morning run was close to impossible thanks to the morning rainstorm (first black rainstorm of the year…).

When I got out it was clear from the very beginning that even though it is almost 10pm it is pretty warm and humid… Here is the screenshot from Hk Observatory that I took at the end of my run some one hour later…

Hot and humid - summer is here

Hot and humid – summer is here

I still tried to start with normal 6 min/km pace on the first 1km that is all steep uphill. And it was OK. I was at the top more less after 6 mins. But on the following downhill I could already feel that it will not be all fun tonight. My pace was still decent but legs were working hard. Once the next climb started I tried to push but legs were running out of steam quickly.

I tried to increase my pace on the next downhill bit but legs simply would not go. I gave up on the idea that sub 1 hour is possible in the conditions like this. My new target was to complete this run in decent pace without taking any breaks in the process.

I struggled my way to the beginning of Bowen Road. I wondered if at least the Bowen Road bit I can run faster. I pushed but the pace was far from blistering…

Overall I still felt better than I could remember from some of my previous hot runs on this route – so that I guess is a good sign. But I can see that it is time to accept that the summer pace is here for next few months.

The last 2km are mostly downhill. When I know I have a chance for a good time I give it all and blast my way down even over some steps that are in the way. But on a day like this there was no point taking any unnecessary risks. I could probably gain close to 2 minutes if I went really fast on the final bit. I played it safe instead this time.

Finish time around 1:05, so 7 minutes slower than a month ago (and with much more effort this time)…

Today vs One month ago

Today vs One month ago

Link to Strava here

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