2015 TDS Training – Run no. 18 – Thursday morning Parker #5

Time for another run up to Mt. Parker. I expected difficult day as the morning heat and humidity was far for pleasant.

I decided to start easy. I jogged along the road towards Mt. Parker Road, the usual slalom among the morning commuters. Once on Mt. Parker I started my patient run up the hill.

I tried to maintain steady pace. The longer I was running the more comfortable I was feeling. For the first almost 2km it was quite hard on my ears – the cicadas we seriously loud. But gradually that sound went away.

My steady pace got me up to Tai Fung Au in still decent shape. Thought that on a day like this I would struggle from here on. But the cloud I ran into once up here definitely helped with some cooling. It was really humid but it did not feel that hot.

The last 1.5km to the top I kept switching between running and hiking as usual. But this time it was mostly running. I tried to limit the hiking bits to 50-100m at a time, just to allow the legs to recover a bit before the next push.

For the last about a kilometer I followed a pretty bad oil slick. I find this thing seriously embarrassing for AFCD. This is a country park area where only AFCD vehicles or very few other cars with AFCD permits are allowed into. I emailed them photo, will see if they respond…

Oily road

Oily road

After reaching the top I took the regular snap of Tai Tam reservoirs (still invisible) and turned back. Before heading down to city I did a quick ramp run from radar to radar.

Another week, another lovely view of Tai Tam

Another week, another lovely view of Tai Tam

Run back down was quick and easy, Quarry Bay in no time.

Good work out!

Link to Strava here.

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