2015 TDS Training – Run no. 20 – Completing the 300km month

As usual during my training season it is back to back runs of Saturday and Sunday. It was a bit cooler and overcast compared to the brutal Saturday. I packed 2 half a liter bottles – one with noon and soft bottle with plain water. Plan was to take the usual flattish route on Cecil’s towards (and beyond) Mt.Parker Rd and then back. I wanted at least 11km to complete 300km in May and if I felt like doing more I would.

I was not pushing too much but I was not running too slow either, fast jog. I cooled down at my usual pipe near before the Mt. Parker Rd, crossed the road and followed on Hong Pak. I felt pretty fine so I decided to keep going on. Then I saw group of people with many unleashed dogs of all sizes around them. As usual in this situation I slowed down and started to walk in order not to overexcite the dogs.

They were however excited more then enough already and were jumping all around me. I asked the people nicely to control their dogs. Their answer was that “this is all perfectly legal”. So I told them that my point is not about legal or illegal just some common courtesy to the people with who they share the trail. At this stage it seemed they might turn reasonable as the guy at front said something along the lines like “we will do that”. I failed to recognize that he was being sarcastic. The moment I turned around and made few steps ahead I heard few dogs charging in my direction. I turned around with “seriously?” kind of question mark on my face asking the people again if they could please control their dogs (I think the dogs outnumbered them 3 to 1). Now they changed their tone – now all of a sudden the dogs that ran at me were not their dogs so they can’t control them. So I asked them that if they are not their dogs if we should call AFCD to handle them. They obviously did not like this idea and I did not like their reaction and then I was more less asked to piss off and leave the country or something along those lines …

My favourite bit of trail on Hong Kong Island

My favourite bit of trail on Hong Kong Island

I did not want to spoil my Sunday that early in the morning so I decided to piss off. I had no intentions to leave the country but I also had no intentions to meet this crazy bunch again on the return leg of my run. So I quickly came up with a revised plan. I passed my most favourite trail section on HK Island, jogged a bit further and turned downhill towards Kornhill, later joing Wilson Trail heading back to Mt. Parker Rd. I followed the road down to Quarry Bay and back home.

At the end it was good 12km run on a hot but not brutal morning. My May total was about 301km with some good quality mileage included – so overall happy with my first proper month of TDS training. It is now time to add some intensity and distance to my runs – will not be easy in the heat that is now taking over …

Link to Strava here.

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