2015 TDS Training – Run no. 21 – Kicking off June

This is the week of morning Tuesday run. The idea was to run up to Cecil’s ride and then decide which way to go. Plan was for somewhere around 12km at not too crazy pace.

I ran on the trail all the way to Mt.Parker Road (with brief cool down break at my water pipe). Once I got to the road I decided to make use of feeling rather OK and push up the road to Tai Fung Au instead of jogging further on Hong Pak Country Trail.

I ran up without any troubles or issues, took another quick cool down break at the bathrooms and turned back for the downhill run.

I went back the same way I came up – that meant turning to Cecil’s Ride after about 1km or so on the road. Once back on the trail I paused again to pour more water over my head and then kept on going until the end.

Easy run with bit of an effort on the uphill – good 12 km to start new month.

Link to Strava here.

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