2015 TDS Training – Run no. 22 – Wednesday night track

The track was closed till 9pm so we made use of the first half an hour to warm up by jogging outside of the stadium. It worked just fine. Once properly warmed up the gates opened and we could enter the track.

My plan was for some middle distance pace. First I did 800 (around 2m40s), after short break followed by 1km (just below 4mins) and closed it all with 2x400m (around 1m20s – 1m25s).

The heat was affecting me little bit but overall I felt quite good. The first 800m I pushed quite hard. The next 1km dash I was a bit tired from the previous 800m so I had to be satisfied with just about breaking 4m marks. The last two 400m runs were fine.

I started to feel my right hamstring a bit towards the end of this session but otherwise quite productive evening on track.

Link to Strava here.

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