2015 TDS Training – Run no. 23 – Thursday morning Parker #6

It was hot and sunny Thursday morning today, for a change. I was ready for a hot morning Parker run. I packed one bottle of water with Nuun and my Marmot soft flask with plain water only and off I went.

After the usual jog on King’s Road I started the steady climb. I still felt my legs after the late night track action the day before but it was not too bad.

I kept running all the way to Tai Fung Au, maintaining quite steady pace. After Tai Fung Au I switched to hike-run-hike-run mode – same as week ago. It was hot today but most of the route is under some pretty solid tree cover so the weather was manageable.

This week finally proper view of Tai Tam

This week finally proper view of Tai Tam

After reaching the top I took few pics and ran down and back up to the other radar. From there all the way down back to Tai Fung Au. Once there I decided to climb up to Mt. Butler. It was bit tough but doable. Once up I took some photo, fixed my drink bottles and went back down the steps the same way.

and view from Mt. Butler

and view from Mt. Butler

My legs felt pretty fine on the descent so I decided to continue climbing toward Mt. Parker again once I am back down. I did not have enough time to run all the way up to the radar for the second time this morning. Instead I decided to run up the road as far as the momentum from the Butler descent would carry me (until I switch to walk. And that us what I did – I lasted about 300m on that uphill – till the first pavilion.

Once I switched to hiking mode it was time to start the run down to the city.

I bit tougher and longer run than the previous few Thursday Parkers. But it felt good and if I had more time I would have probably made it up to that radar one more time. The views today would have been worth a second trip:

View from radar down the road towards the harbour

View from radar down the road towards the harbour

... and the Saikung direction

… and the Saikung direction

Link to Strava here.

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