2015 TDS Training – Run no. 24 – Longish hot run in the hood

It was time to go for a long run. For a change I decided to stay in backyard this weekend. It was a hot and clear day so I tried to follow a route that was never too far from some spring or tap – anything that can by used to pour lots of cold water over my head.

I started with half liter of water and half a liter of Nuun in bottles and about 1.5 liter of water in my waterbag.

The first 4.5km to the water pipe were quite OK. So after cooling down under the pipe I backtracked and started climbing up Siu Ma Shan. It was too hot to go crazy so I went for steady instead. I felt quite OK, I ran every runable part. After arriving at the Wilson HK Trail junction I turned to the left and went up Mt. Butler, then quickly down to Tai Fung Au.

I felt quite good so I decided to add the Mt. Parker climb to the plan. After quick cooling down under the tap at the toilets I started the fartlek style ascent to Mt. Parker. It was pretty enjoyable. I did approximately (based on my not so accurate step counting) 60 steps running followed by about 25 steps fast walking recovery, repeating this more less to the top.

Saturday view from Parker

Saturday view from Parker

At the top I quickly turned around and ran back down to Tai Fung Au. Boa Vista was next but before that I went for another quick dip under the tap.

I totally forgot that I do not enjoy running the Boa Vista trail.Too many rocks and roots and all laid down in a way that I simply can properly run there. And I still do have somewhere at the back of my mind my recent ribs injury … So not very enjoyable part of this run… I was pretty happy when I made it to the road and picked up the pace towards reservoirs.

It was nice and fresh run for a while but when I got to the first dam I started to feel the heat a bit. I slowed down a bit to recharge the batteries before the road climb towards Parkview. It was not too bad, my heat management was somehow working. There are bathrooms not too far from Parkview so that was another pit stop and head under the tap …

Tai Tam - feeling the heat a bit

Tai Tam – feeling the heat a bit

I still had some water with me but it was the “room temperature” kind and “the room” was sunny and well above 30C… So next stop was the air conditioned supermarket at Parkview. Short stop though – from fridge I picked can of Coke and bottle of Gatorade (probably my first in about a year…). Coke I drank quickly, Gatorade was to be my buddy for the short detour up and back down Violet Hill…

I felt still surprisingly OK in this heat on this 1km long climb and then the descent the same way down. No issues at all. But by the time I got back the bottle of Gatorade was finished.

I ran down the road. I paused again for few minutes by the kiosk near the Wong Nai Chung Gap reservoir – there are toilets with running water – so another quick head shower.

All that was left was 9-10km back to North Point on the contour trail, Mt. Butler Rd and Sir Cecil’s. And this was the hardest part of the day. The heat was beginning to affect me quite a lot now. I tried to power myself up with a gel. It helped a bit and the legs kept moving sort of fine as long as I was under the trees. But once I got on the Mt. Butler Road I was a piece of toast. I could well imagine how a shrimp must feel on a BBQ …

From here to the end it was just a struggle in the heat. But at least manageable because of some streams around.

At the end in this heat proper I did a bit over 27km with few hills thrown in – quite happy with the day.

Link to Strava – here

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