2015 TDS Training – Run no. 27 – Wednesday night track

Wednesday night – time for some track action again and again in the company of my son. We agreed in advance what his program would be (warm up, 2×400 +2×200 + 2×100, cool down).

Weather was very humid and hot but the afternoon rain made it a bit more bearable.

I started with laps of easy warm up jog followed by 1km dash. I finished that kilometer at 3:50 – it was not too bad, I felt I could have pushed a bit more.

After short break I did 800m, I don’t remember the time exactly but it was sub 3mins, and legs felt better than on the previous 1km run.

Next was 600m run – sub 2:30 is all I can recall. Then after short break 400m (I can’t remember the time but I can recall I thought “it was not too bad”).

I planned to stop here but my son was just about to do the first of his 200m runs so I decided to jog to the 200m meters mark with him and once there do the 200m run too. So I did, it was not an Usain Bolt style pace, but a good 38 secs dash to end my track session.

I waited for my son to finish one more 200m run. We then abandoned the plans for 2 more 100m sprints – it seemed to me that in those hot conditions what he did was already more than enough. Surprisingly he did not protest 🙂 . So we packed our water bottles and went for the cool down jog towards the taxi stand.

Overall good session, will see how it will affect my Mt. Parker Thursday 🙂 .

Link to Strava here.

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