2015 TDS Training – Run no. 28 – Thursday morning Parker #7

Another Thursday morning, another Mt. Parker run. Last night after the track session I felt a bit my left ITB but the issue seem to have gone away. What did not go away completely was the tiredness of my legs.

I packed the usual short summer run supplies – 1 bottle of Nuun and 1 bottle of plain water.

I ran up the first bit to Tai Fung Au at similar steady pace like a week ago although this time I had to make one quick cool down break by a pipe at the side of the road about 600m from Tai Fung Au. I was feeling a bit too hot.

After Tai Fung Au I planned a fartlek type of run to the radar. I started that way. But later during one of the walking bits my brain started to think about something and forgot to switch back to running for a bit too long.

Eventually I ran again and the last 300 meters were pretty decent. I took a short break at the top – the usual photo, refill of my Nuun bottle from my plain water bottle etc. Then I did a quick “ramp” to the other radar and continued back down to Tai Fung Au.

The clouds coming back but still leaving some view

The clouds coming back but still leaving some view

From Tai Fung Au I went up to Mt.Butler, a bit slower than last week, then back down and again a bit further up the Mt. Parker Road towards Mt. Parker. This week the momentum did not carry me as far up as last week…

After I turned around all I did was a quick run back to Quarry Bay interrupted only for few seconds devoted to observing a beautiful lizard (that would not pose for photo).

Overall a bit tired legs and a bit more difficult heat management compared to week ago but otherwise good morning run.

Link to Strava here.

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