2015 TDS Training – Run no. 3 – Morning loop with 3x150m hill sprints added for fun

Last year my Tuesday training runs were almost entirely easy flat trail runs from 12K to 18K – from North Point via Cecil’s and then on Hong Pak Country Trail towards Kornhill and back. The distance depended on my turn back point. This year I am planning to alternate Tuesday program. One Tuesday will be something similar like last year but the other will do a faster road run in the evening instead in order to add some speed and tempo runs to my training routine.

This run was the morning trail run. Just  a simple loop on Cecil’s then steps towards Siu Ma Shan but instead of crossing the bridge and went straight ahead towards Mt.Butler Road. Up to here it was rather easy run. But before turning back to the Sir Cecil’s Ride I decided to spice up my run with some hill sprints. So I did three approximately 160m long uphill “sprints” followed by slow jog down. All without break, just using that slow jog downhill to recover before another uphill run.

After the third sprint was done I jogged downhill, turned right and ran back to North Point on Sir Cecil’s – the usual route, no shortcuts.

Training run no 3 done, feeling pretty OK.

Link to Strava.

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