2015 TDS Training – Run no. 30 – Hot recovery jog

I felt quite tired after the HK Trail run on Saturday. The early wake up plan did not work out. And as I obviously had not had enough of sun and heat the day before I ventured for another hot run at 11am.

Two reasons for this run – a) to give the legs and mind back-to-back action but at the same time b) to shake off that long run on Saturday.

I decided to go for 10km and that is it. So it was up the road to Cecil’s Ride, then to the pipe, cool down, cross the road, hit the shade at the Hong Pak Country Trail, turn around, and the same way back including another cool down at the pipe.

It was easy jog with some walking on the return leg. The heat felt even worse than on Saturday and 10km was about as far as I could realistically.

This was also a first run in really long time in my favourite Fuji Gel Trabuco 2 shoes…

This completed 85km week.

Link to Strava here.

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