2015 TDS Training – Run no. 31 – Tuesday run on Wednesday – Proper hot!

This week Tuesday did not work out. First I could not make the morning run. I decided to alter the plans and go for the evening version. But unfortunately work commitments held me up and I could not do the evening run either.

So slightly out of the usual sync I went for a run on Wednesday morning. I have had a funny feeling around the right knee for few days. Moreover the legs did not feel like they have recovered from the weekend (1) mileage (2). And last not least it was crazy hot – official number was 33C. So the quality of this run was a mystery.

I started easy on the uphill, Legs felt a bit heavy but I reached the the end of the Po Luen Path just in below 9 mins – that is pretty satisfying pace in the summertime. I was contemplating turning right for a change once on Sir Cecil’s Ride but the vision of cool water pipe less than 3km away prevailed – I made the left turn. It was steady jog/run all the way to the pipe. After quick cool down I continued towards the Mt. Parker and beyond – all the way to the bridge.

to the bridge and back

to the bridge and back

I transferred some water from my plain water bottle to the half full Nuun bottle here. Then I turned around and ran back. It was a straightforward run all the way with only a brief break at the water pipe again.

The heat was brutal today but it was relatively dry for Hong Kong summer (humidity somewhere in high 60s). Surprising I haven’t drunk that much. I set off with about a liter of drinks. I brought back with almost half of it. I guess the tree covered trail helped a lot because the exposed sections under the direct sunlight were close to unbearable…

Knee caused me no problems at all during the run but the funny feeling is still around it while I am sitting … Will see …

Link to Strava here.

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