2015 TDS Training – Run no. 32 – Thursday morning Parker #8

Hot and sunny Thursday morning for the Parker run. There was track session last night. I had to postpone my Tuesday run to Wednesday morning and I did not want to overdo it by adding another session in the evening.

In theory my legs should have been fresh then. But they did not feel so. The funny feeling around the knee was still there and the legs still felt tired. Tired like “we-havent-shaken-off-the-last-weekend-yet” tired.

Nevertheless it was time for Mt. Parker. The heat was manageable thanks to the decent tree cover and I ran in steady pace all the way up to Tai Fung Au. Once there the legs said enough. I had to switch to fast hike for the last 1.5km to the top. I tried few times to switch to run but today it just wasn’t working. I made 2 very brief stops at some water pipes and water hoses to cool down my head. Once at the top I took a short break and the usual photo. It came out pretty well this week:

Nice view this week

Nice view this week

I planned quick run down and up to the next radar but the quick run down was interrupted by AFCD van on the narrow road. Once I had the van safely behind me I pushed up the gate of the other radar. No waiting there, quick run back down to Tai Fung Au, from there a quick climb up to Mt. Butler.

It was going pretty well except for the final few steps. Those are exposed, not tree cover, and the heat on the sunshine – that was something else. I quickly turned around at the top and ran the tree covered steps back down to Tai Fung Au.

Once there I quickly splashed some water over my head at the washrooms and continued back up to Mt. Parker again.

The second climb felt a bit easier than the first one, I even managed to run bits of it this time. No pausing at the top this time, just quick run down and up to the other radar, then full steam downhill to Quarry Bay and beyond.

Overall a decent morning workout with some extra hill work on Parker and Butler.

Link to Strava here.

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