2015 TDS Training – Run no. 34 – Sunday morning jog and OTW planning chat

I felt quite OK after the hot Saturday in the hills but I was a bit tired from all the sun. Luckily I planned only an easy jog, somewhere around 10km. Also a week or so ago I was lucky in OTW lottery so this run was good opportunity to meet up with Sean and discuss our plans for the Trailwalker.

This was a easy jog on the very familiar route – starting from the Sinopec station at the Wong Nai Chung Gap and running towards Braemer Hill. Easy running pace, the only bit I walked was the short uphill after Mt. Butler Road. Turning back down to North Point at the Po Luen Path marker would make my run a bit too short so I suggested to go a bit further and do also the 800m loop before coming back.

Back at the Po Luen Path marker I turned right toward North Point while Sean continued back in the direction of Wong Nai Chung Gap.

Easy jog, recovery run but also some back-to-back effort for my legs. Good end to a running week.

Link to Strava here.

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