2015 TDS Training – Run no. 35 – Tuesday night road

After two weeks it was time again for Tuesday night road run. It has been raining past few days. But unfortunately there was no rain at all at the time when I went for the run. It was not too hot but it was very humid.

I felt a bit rusty right at the beginning. But after 2-3 minutes of moving the legs up the hill all was fine. My pace was quite fresh for the first 5-6km. For a while I even thought that sub 1 hour time may be on cards today. Unfortunately as I was getting closer to the Bowen Road the high humidity was beginning the affect me.

The Bowen Road bit was a non-event run, nothing went wrong. But thanks to that high humidity I simply could not pick up the pace. I pushed a bit also on the final downhill but not too much in order not to risk some silly injury.

At the end I finished this run at around 1h04mins – not too bad for this humid season. Thursday hills coming up next …

Link to Strava here.

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