2015 TDS Training – Run no. 36 – Thursday morning Parker #9

Thursday again, time for a Mt. Parker run. The satellites were a bit dodgy this morning and it took a while for my watch to stop losing and finding them again.

When I started the run it was hot and quite sunny. Look up at the sky however revealed fast moving clouds. Rain was in the air.

I felt a bit hot on the climb toward Tai Fung Au so I made one quick cool down break to soak my cap under a cold water pipe. But as I was getting closer to Tai Fung Au the first rain drops were already falling.

I continued straight up towards Parker but I switched from running to run/hike mode for the remaining 1.5km of uphill. I heard some distant thunder but it was not anything to worry about, yet.

View from Mt. Parker obscured by clouds this week

View obscured by clouds this week

At the top I paused for the usual quick photo and quickly charged down and back up to the next radar. No pause at the other radar, just quick turn around and back down towards Tai Fung Au. The rain was pretty heavy by now, real fun running. I was so enjoying this wet downhill dash that I almost collided with this green beauty:

The greater green snake

The greater green snake

I took time to take photo of this lovely green serpent before continuing my run. I passed Tai Fung Au with pausing and went straight up to Mt. Butler. By now it was pouring down, proper tropical downpour. As I was climbing up the steps a stream of water was coming down from the top. But it was definitely more pleasant climb than a week ago in the heat. At the top I turned around and went back where I came from – back to Mt. Parker. I jogged down the Butler steps and then jogged/hiked back up to Mt. Parker radar, then the other radar. The rain almost stopped so the second run back down to Tai Fung was rather dry. I passed Tai Fung Au and started my second climb up Mt. Butler. There was no water flushing down the steps this time but the thunder sounded much closer. I quickly climbed up to the Mt. Butler top and ran back down to Tai Fung Au again. There I turned left and ran back down to Quarry Bay. It was raining heavily again. Most walkers, hikers were hiding under the trees with their umbrellas, I had to road all to myself. By the time I got back down to the city the rain has almost stopped. All the was left was quick run back home.

This was a fun run in the rain, first time I did both Parker Radars and Mt. Butler twice – all together almost 17km of up and down the hills.

Link to Strava here.

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