2015 TDS Training – Run no. 39 – Another hot morning jog, enjoying the beauty of the backyard

The streak of hot and sunny days continues. There was no way I could do a fast run in these conditions so I at least made the most out of the beautiful (but very hot) weather.

I ran at reasonable pace all the way to my usual head cooling pipe. After few minutes under the pipe I continued across the Mt. Parker Road to the Hong Pak Country Trail. I slowed down here a bit but still kept mostly running – it was not too bad as most of this route is under the trees. The exposed section were properly hot though.

I ran all the way to the point where the small steps lead up the little plateau above the trail – that was my turning point.

It was hot on that plateau, no old guys and ladies exercising this time… But I still took a little break and enjoyed the peace of this spot:

Little plateau above the trail

Little plateau above the trail

This view is so much better live than on photo…

The green view of Mt. Parker, Mt. Butller and stuff

The green view of Mt. Parker, Mt. Butler and stuff

I made use of this break to reshuffle my water reserves between my 2 bottles and continued my run back.

It was not fast but generally OK as long as I was in the shade. The sunny bits were harder but I did not feel as bad as on Sunday when climbing over Siu Ma Shan.

Salmon Head according to some local hikers

Salmon Head according to some local hikers

So at the end it was pretty relaxing 15-16km morning hot jog.

Link to Strava here.

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