2015 TDS Training – Run no. 4 – Thursday morning Parker, wow that was proper humid

Another Thursday, another Mt. Parker run. This week still only planning running up and down, next week may add some Tai Tam loop as well, will see …

I used the jog from North Point to Quarry Bay as a warm up before the climb. I started in easy pace as again I wanted to make sure I will be able to run at least to Tai Fung Au before switching to hiking mode.

There was an annoying truck that passed me 3 times (the same one), each time disrupting my rhythm. Not too nice when one tries keep moving steady while climbing.

It was not too hot, at least it did not feel too hot, but it was quite stuffy and humid. I was sweating like a pig … Surprisingly though I felt quite OK running up. I kept running all the wayto Tai Fung Au as planned. Here I again decided not to do a cool down break and kept on pushing towards Mt. Parker. I switched to hiking mode for a while. Then every few hundred meters I pushed myself to run instead of jog for few hundred meters and alternate this way all the way to the top.

I made it up in rather OK time given the weather. I could not see much though as the top of Mt. Parker was in the clouds. Not much of Tai Tam view this time …

View of Tai Tam from Mt Parker on May 7 - Not much of Tai Tam there ...

View of Tai Tam from Mt Parker on May 7 – Not much of Tai Tam there this time …

After quick photo break I turned around. Without any pause or break I ran down to Quarry Bay and then back to North Point.

Training run no 4 done – I felt my legs a bit – a sign that this time I actually pushed myself a bit – but otherwise all good.

Link to this run on Strava.

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