2015 TDS Training – Run no. 40 – Thursday morning Parker #10

Easy to sum up this one. It was hot and it felt hotter than hot. Probably because it was also humid.

I managed to survive pretty all the previous Parker runs mainly thanks to the tree cover on better part of the route. But today for some reason it was all struggle.

I had to pause to cool down twice already on the climb to Tai Fung Au – that happened first time this year. Then I had to go and do some more cooling down before the final 1.5km uphill to the top. On those final 1.5km I managed zero running, it was all fast hike only. After quick break (for photo) I ran down and up to the other radar. This felt fine but I was not able to push too much.

The picture hides the heat ...

The picture hides the heat …

Back at Tai Fung Au I convinced myself to do the steps up to Mt.Butler but it was not too fast. The steps back down felt better I was contemplating running back up to Mt. Parker one more time, same as last week. But I had to abandon this idea as thanks to how the heat was affecting me this morning I was almost out of water – just enough for the downhill dash.

Struggle all the way but we have to get through days like this as well…

Link to Strava here.

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