2015 TDS Training – Run no. 42 – Sunday jog plus Parker cloud

As on most Sundays I planned just an easy 10km or so jog in the hood to follow up on the Saturday hills. I could feel the heat right aways once I got out of the house. It was hot and sunny but I could see that Mt. Parked is covered by a large cloud. I took the initial jog up the hill towards Sir Cecil’s easy but as always I ran the whole climb until the steps into the country park.

Once on Cecil’s I continued my easy jog. It was really hot but sight of cloud covered Parker started to look tempting. I cooled down at “my” pipe and continued to Mt. Parker Road. Once there I could see that the cloud covers the hill from pretty much Tai Fung Au all the way up. I changed my mind right there. I decided to go up and enjoy that cool cloudy breeze. Instead of continuing to Hong Pak Country Trail I pushed up the road. I was not able to run too much on the climb, the legs were still feeling Saturday’s Mac. But I did my best to push and keep decent pace even if not running.

Usually I ran this route on Thursdays. After Tai Fung Au I rarely meet any people other than the AFCD or some slope maintenance workers. I was quite surprised to see so many people aiming for the Mount Parker top on Sunday …

Cloudy Sunday Parker

View from cloudy breezy Sunday Parker

I pushed all the way to the top. Once there I took the usual photo and planned to run straight back. But I had to wait a bit because of NOW TV News car trying to make a U turn right there at the top… What were they planning to report on from there I am not sure…

Once I was sure the news car posed no danger to me I set of for the downhill dash to Quarry Bay. It was a great speedy downhill run. I was quite surprised how OK I was feeling after all that weekend climbing… The only issue was that the road was really busy with all the Sunday hikers, some of them in groups blocking the entire width of the decently wide road … Other than that it was all great Sunday run with impromptu Mt. Parker summit as a bonus.

Link to Strava here.

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