2015 TDS Training – Run no. 43 – Fresh Tuesday night road

After quite some time spent on trails it was time for a bit speedier road run again. The typhoons around Hong Kong brought some serious pollution in but luckily the air was much fresher later in the evening. And it did not feel hot.

When I did this run two weeks ago it was quite hot and humid. After fast start I quickly burned out. I tried doing it the other way this time. I started easy – still quick pace but nothing that I would call pushing hard. The first climb went fine and on the following downhill the legs felt very well. Next climb was piece of cake and I tried to slightly increase the effort on the next downhill.

I slowed down a little on the uphill stretch of Tai Hang Road but picked up the pace once the road levelled a bit.

I reached the half way point at start of Bowen Road still feeling fresh. From here I tried to push a bit more, keeping the pace under 5m/km until the end.

I haven’t felt this fine for quite long time, probably since the last cool run before the summer heat arrived. This could have been another sub 1 hour run on this route if not for all the stops at the road crossings – some days I have clear road ahead with no breaks at all here, this time I had to stop and wait at every single road crossing.

Link to Strava here.

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