2015 TDS Training – Run no. 44 – Thursday morning Parker #11 – T3 run

Time for Thursday Parker run no. 11. With the typhoon approaching I was hoping that I can do this run before the winds pick up. The upper part Mt. Parker Road is one of those places you definitely do not want to be during typhoon winds. Last summer I had to abandon my post T8 run up here – the amount of debris falling down from the trees was seriously scary…

Today however the only signs of T3 were the T3 signs. It was overcast and quite sunny, there was almost no wind at all and rain was nowhere to be seen. It was around 27C – so rather nice conditions for a run.

As usual I jogged up to Tai Fung Au. I was happy with the pace and the effort but I felt the legs were not at their best. From Tai Fung Au to the radar I only managed a fast hike.

T3 view from Mt. Parker

T3 view from Mt. Parker – calm before storm probably

After short photo break I turned around and ran down and up to the other radar. This bit I tried to push, good work out for my lungs. From the radar gate I dashed back down to Tai Fung Au. Pit stop there was not necessary, no head cooling on cards this time so straight up the Mt. Butler it was. During the climb for some reason the second climb up to Needle Hill from last Saturday kept coming back to my mind. This was definitely easier than that.

It may not be that obvious from the photo but it was quite bright and sunny up on Butler. I was for a moment regretting leaving my sunglasses at home…

View of Tai Tam from Mt. Butler on a calm T3 morning

View of Tai Tam from Mt. Butler on a calm T3 morning

I ran back down as quickly as could manage those annoying narrow steps and once back on the road I went straight down towards Quarry Bay. I probably could have pushed myself to do one more Parker Butler run but there was no time.

Downhill was quite quick. It was not a full on dash but I did push a bit more than I normally do.

Looks like only 5 more of these left before heading for Europe …

Link to Strava here.

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