2015 TDS Training – Run no. 47 – Tuesday morning jog and new shoes test

My shoe choice for the TDS would be either my HOKAs (if too wet) or my ASICS Trabucos if the weather behaves. The problems is I am on my last pair of Trabuco 2 and by the race time they will be too worn out to be good for the long race. And now I can’t get the version 2 anymore. I have been running in these for over 2 years. But then came Trabuco 3 that did not really fit me too well. Cascadia 10 felt pretty close to Trabuco 2 but unfortunately my toes hated their toe box… I went to few shops checking out some other brands but could not find anything that would do it for me…

Then while searching online for any store that still sells Trabuco 2 I found out that ASICS came up with Trabuco 4. So I decided to take a gamble on the size. I ordered 2 pairs in same size as I would for Trabuco 2.

Trabuco 4 ready to roll

Trabuco 4 ready to roll

The shoes arrived a week later (last night). I tried them on, size seemed right and so this morning I took them out for a jog.

After one run I can’t comment on durability. I also had no opportunity to see how they behave in the wet. All I can say is that they are very comfortable with about the right amount of cushioning for me. There seems to be enough space for my toes and the grip on a normal sunny summer day kind of trail was just fine. Will give them some proper work out over the weekend but so far my feet like these shoes.

The run itself was a return to running after the miserable hot Sunday morning walk. There were some clouds around and above so even at 30C the conditions were decently runable. I ran all the way to the pipe. After cooling down a bit I backtracked 50-100 meters and started climbing towards Siu Ma Shan then slowly hiked jogged towards Mt. Butler Road and Sir Cecil’s. Easy paced 10km in OK weather with no issues.

Link to Strava here

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