2015 TDS Training – Run no. 50 – Sunday Tai Tam loop

Because of the shorter than planned Saturday training I needed a more mileage on Sunday. I haven’t done the Tai Tam loop for quite long time. It sounded like good idea for this week.

It was another hot day. A week ago the heat killed my Sunday morning run, I was wondering how the body would react this time.

I managed to jog up the hill (unlike last week). Just as a precaution I switched to walking about 100m before the steps to country park. I had a weird feeling in my left calf. Silly injury this close to the race would not be smart. So I hiked my way up to Cecil’s Ride from here. The calf was happy with that. It would not bother me any more.

I took the shortest path to the Mt. Parker Road. I felt quite OK, running jogging all the way. Quite a different feeling comparing to week ago. I could feel the heat but it was not bothering me that much. Still I decided to take every opportunity to cool down. This quickly turned into a run from pipe to pipe, tap to tap, stream to stream 🙂

First cooling down place was the usual pipe near the road. Then being tired from Saturday I jogged hiked up the road to Tai Fung Au. I cooled down again at the pipe on the flattish road section. I simple passed Tai Fung Au without stopping, I knew there is nice pipe only few hundred meters down the road. That was where I cooled down again and kept on running until the reservoirs.

The climb up to the Parkview was a bit too much in this weather so this part was mostly hike although I did my best to push.

I took short break at Parkview – shopping for cold water and small cold Coke bottle. It was amazing what that Coke did. It so kicked me on that probably for the first time in summer time I ran without any walking pause all the way to the quarry. That was including the uphill road part on Mt. Butler Road where I simply looked under my feet, placing one ahead of the other.

I paused for a bit near another pipe coming out of the rock on the side of the road and kept on jogging until the steeper climb towards Sir Cecil’s.

The views from Sir Cecil’s were disturbingly beautiful. The instaweather app also provided some clue to my better heat handling – it was not humid:

Beatiful summer view from Sir Cecil's Ride

Beatiful summer view from Sir Cecil’s Ride

I cooled down one more time at the falls and then just ran down back to the city.

This surprisingly fine morning run in the dry heat. Yes, my legs definitely felt the Saturday mileage. But this run also gave me back the hope that my performance should be better once I hit the cooler and especially less humid racing conditions.

Link to Strava here.

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