2015 TDS Training – Run no. 51 – Tuesday night road – a cool one for a change

This is a rainy week but I had no luck to get any rain at all on my runs. At least for this run I had post-rain cool weather (around 27C when I started) with some light breeze.

After long time I decided to run with music, just to test the gadgets to make sure they are all working well in case they will be needed to lift my spirits up at some point during TDS. Other than that just a bottle of water (no ballast on my back).

I also decided to run to feel only at first and only check the pace on my watch once I reach Bowen Road.

I started easy on the uphill then relaxed the legs while increasing the pace on the Tin Hau Temple Road downhill bit. Steady paced climb up the Cloudy Hill Road felt pretty effortless. Thanks to that I could keep easily quite nice pace on the entire Tai Hang Road section. It felt pretty good.

Once on Bowen Road a quick glance at my watch suggested that if I push the final bit I may manage a very rare sub 1 hour summer finish on this route. So I pushed. At the end of Bowen Road I knew that sub 1 hour is in the bag so I was a bit more careful on the final steep downhill down the Garden Road – I did not want to risk any injury. But is was still a quick one – later look at Strava told me that it was my second fastest downhill from Bowen to Pacific Place …

It was nice quick run, refreshing change after the pathetically slow hot and humid Saturday Mac. Nice to see what a little change in weather (for better) can do!

Link to Strava here.

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