2015 TDS Training – Run no. 52 – Thursday morning Parker #13

This was one of the days sunblock and sunglasses were surplus to requirement… Cloudy, humid, rain in the air (but not raining) and the top third of Mt.Parker hidden in the clouds.

It was pleasantly cool (in Hong Kong summer standards) but unpleasantly humid and stuffy. Rain would have made things so much better…

I plodded my way up to Tai Fung Au running in steady pace sweating like a pig. Tai Fung Au was already in the clouds. As nature was calling I made a quick pit stop there before power hiking to the top. I had no mental strength to run through that steamy sauna. But as I will not be running the uphills during TDS uphill walking is also important part of my training routine.

Lovely view from Mt. Parker

Lovely steam bath view from Mt. Parker

After the usual quick stop at the top I ran to the other radar and then down to Tai Fung Au. I was quite surprise to see a stray dog crossing the road ahead of me up there near the radars. I have never seen a dog in this area…

I made a quick trip up and down Mt. Butler before continuing back to Quarry Bay. Climb up was easier than last week but going down was a bit more challenging. The steps are wrong size for my feet even in the dry. When they are wet as they were this morning I need to go slow…

Run down to Quarry Bay was fine except for a short spell of back and shoulder pain. I had to switch to walk for 1-2 mins. But then it went away and I could run again. Probably some unhappy nerve somewhere.

Somewhere half way between Quarry Bay and North Point the heavens finally opened. At least for the last few hundred meters I could enjoy run in a proper rain.

Three more Thursday Parker runs left before TDS …

Link to Strava here.

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