2015 TDS Training – Run no. 57 – Tour de Saikung

After few weekends training solo it was time for another insane summer training run with Vince. Plan was to follow the KOTH Saikung route or something like that. With Vince as a navigator the “something like that” option is always more likely. But just in case we really wanted to complete the original route I printed out a map…

The plan was probably too insane so we ended up running just 2 of us. The course was not too hilly. I have never done the KOTH Saikung race. But most of the route was familiar although in opposite direction. We started from Pak Tam Chung, turned left to Pak Tam Au and soon left again against the flow of the MSIG Saikung route. Once I saw where we are going I knew soon we will have some loud welcome. The route passes through some village full of dog kennels – and those dogs don’t sound too friendly. Lucky for me everytime I passed through here all the dogs were safely in their shelters…

The weather was hot but not too humid – quite bearable. We were not pushing too hard, pace was reasonable, soon we reached Yung Shue O. This was first time I came from the other direction and with Vince’s famous navigational skills it took us a bit of time to find out way out of the village following the HK100 route (in the opposite direction). We were now heading towards Hoi Ha.

When we reached the abandoned golf course or whatever it is out there I reminded Vince that this is where 2 summers ago Vic got bitten by a dog. While discussing that old story I blindly followed Vince going the dangerously wrong way – directly towards the house with those vicious dogs. And of course pack of them charged out at us … After a short stand off their owner came out asking us something along the lines what the hell are we doing there and sent us on our way in the right direction. I was not exactly comfortable turning my back on those barking beasts but nothing happened. We were back on our way.

Rest of the journey to Hoi Ha was uneventful. At Hoi Ha we re-fueled. What was ahead was probably the tough part – technical and very exposed trail along the coastline. Talking made the whole stuff easier, the views were stunning…

Sunning views around Hoi Ha

Sunning views around Hoi Ha

Next stop was Wong Shek Pier. We made a short detour here to get some cold drinks from the vending machines. Back on the trail short bushwhack section awaited us. Nothing too intense and no serpents around. Somewhere around here we decided to skip the beastly climb and we took and easier way back to Pak Tam Au. We made one more wrong turn somewhere and later decided to backtrack. We ended up back on the MSIG Saikung 50 route (also in opposite direction) and followed it all the way back to Pak Tam Chung.

All together we did about 33km. Not too much elevation this time but a decent distance in the heat. Surprisingly the heat was not affecting me that much this time.

Only one more Saturday of summer training in Hong Kong left …

Link to Strava here.

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