2015 TDS Training – Run no. 58 – Around Tai Tam

I decided to join Sean and his group for part of their Sunday morning run. They started from Parkview. I came from the other side of the hill over Siu Ma Shan. I started early as I did not want to be late. And I took it easy. I had a lots of ballast on my back and my legs really felt the 30K from previous day. Still even with slow jog hike pace I reached the meeting place a bit too early. So I just sat down and enjoyed the awesome view:

The view of Tai Tam

The view of Tai Tam

Once the group arrived I continued (and followed their pretty fresh pace) over Mount Butler and then down via Boa Vista trail. Somewhere there I messed up the watch so the Boa Vista record is missing from my Garmin.

Once back on the road I knew I am not up to another sunny hill climb. So I said my good byes and went back to Parkview. From Tai Tam to Parkview it was mostly hiking. I even had time to observe nature:



I went to buy some drink at the Parkview supermarket and decided to continue back following the contour trail to Mt. Butler Road and then Cecil’s Ride. I felt quite spent. I made a quick decision to make these last 8km a test hike – simulating the tired last few km of an ultra. Everything other than some downhill I would just hike. It worked quite OK. Seems I am ready for the last 8km of TDS :-)

Overall close to 20km in the heat – was not too bad after 33km on Saturday. But next weekend some elevation has to come back…

Link to Strava here.

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