2015 TDS Training – Run no. 59 – Tuesday night road

I decided to stick with the night road version of Tuesday runs till the end of my summer training.

It is getting close to the TDS race. Not a good time to do anything silly. I went for this run with the plan to run reasonably fast but without pushing too hard.

For the entire run I haven’t looked at my watch. I ran to feel. I could hear the beeps after every kilometer. And knowing this route so well I did not need to look at the watch to find out how many kms I have done already.

I started easy on the uphill. After the first 1km going up I could speed up a bit while still keeping it relatively easy. Once on Bowen Road I pushed a bit more keeping the pace around and slightly below 5mins/km. Nothing silly on the final downhill from Bowen to Pacific Place.

The GPS was all over the place for some reason. Weird as the skies were clear… The distance shown was more less as it should be. But the start is totally messed up on the GPS map. And the elevation works funny recently. Before correcting the elevation on Strava the record was showing over 7000 metres of elevation gain 🙂

Here is the link to Strava (elevation corrected).

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