2015 TDS Training – Run no. 6 – Back-to-back test

One thing I have learned is that to prepare for an ultra one needs to clock in some long back to back runs. I had this good habit of long tough (30-40km) runs with some decent elevation on Saturdays followed by very early morning flattish 20-25km run on Sunday. This is something I am going to stick with also this year.

I am only in the second week of proper training and I don’t want to overdo it. Need to give the rested body some time to get used to the training load. So as a follow up on the Saturday 40K I decided to join Sean on his 6:30am Sunday run. Not for the entire run, just for about 10km or so.

Sunday back-to-back

Sunday back-to-back

We met at the Sinopec gas station and Wong Nai Chung and started on the path/trail in Sir Cecil’s Ride direction. I know this route very well, it is my regular training ground. We were not sprinting but it was a healthy pace. I was surprised how well my legs felt after only few hours since my 40K run. We chatted a bit (about the possibly forming an OTW team) and kept on going. It is more less flat run with only minor ups and downs until the trail meets Mt. Butler Road. The road section is few hundred meters of uphill. Easy road climb in cool weather, damn hard stuff in the heat after 15K (that is how I remember it from last summer). I was not sure which one will it be on this run but surprisingly I was totally fine running it.

At the top we saw two blokes running down from Jardine’s Lookout – these two blokes happened to be Stuart and Dave. And then we were four. We continued on the road and then turned on the Sir Cecil’s. I still felt fine, now in my backyard enjoying the fresh paced run.

I thought first to do about 10K but feeling well I decided to run with the guys all the way to Mt. Parker Road. Once I got there I said my good byes and turned back. The moment I was on my own I started to feel my legs. I slowed down and easily jogged back using the shortest route – meaning taking all the shortcuts. At the end it was just about 13K – felt like the perfect distance for the day.

Link to Strava here.

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