2015 TDS Training – Run no. 60 – Thursday morning Parker #15

The penultimate Parker run of this summer training season… It was quite unpleasantly hot and bright down at the street level. But once on the tree covered Mt. Parker Road it was not that bad. Hot but bearable.

I jogged at steady pace all the way up to Tai Fung Au as usual. There I took short cool down break before continuing towards the top.

The rest of the climb to the radar was just a fast hike. I pause for a bit watching and amazing workflow of a large community of ants crossing the road. Unfortunately before I could take a photo of that a truck passed squashing some of them. Once their line was disturbed they regrouped into 2 groups – one on each side of the road. I left them doing whatever they were doing and kept on going up.

Thursday view from the top

Thursday view from the top

After short photo break at radar no. 1 I ran down and up to the radar no. 2. After that quick run down to Tai Fung Au and climb up to Mt. Butler. The Butler climb was fine but I felt a bit steamy under the trees there.

No time wasting at the top – quick water reshuffle between bottles and down the hill back to Tai Fung Au and Quarry Bay.

It started hot but at the end it was quite comfortable run given the weather.

link to Strava here.

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