2015 TDS Training – Run no. 61 – The last summer long run that failed

This was the last weekend of my TDS summer training. Plan was for 30 something km with lots of elevation on Lantau – starting from Tung Chung up Wong Lung Hang trail towards Lantau Trail – from there to follow KOTH Lantau route.

It was super hot day (that ended up being the hottest day in Hong Kong, ever) but worse it was also a seriously polluted day. Both heat and humidity as a result of typhoon battering Taiwan.

Five of us met in Tung Chung. I thought I am well prepared for the heat. I also hoped that once we climb up to the higher trails we will above the worse of the pollution…

I was fine for about a kilometer. We jogged on the road towards the start of the trail. If it was only me I would not have started this fast in these conditions. But knowing we only have a short distance before the climb begins I followed the group. Soon I knew this will not be my day. I had to pause and cool down at the very first stream (still along the road). That moment I got separated from the others. And while I had them within sight I had no mental power to close the gap. This is how people normally feel after 50-60% of ultra race. I felt like this barely a kilometer into the training run.

We regrouped before the climb. I somehow hoped that climbing under the cover of the trees will be better. It was not. Gradually I dropped back a soon I was too far back to even hear Vince talking. As I was climbing up it felt like every single person on that trail on that day is passing me …

I have no idea how long they waited for me at the junction of the 2 trails. But once got moving again on the Lantau Trail towards Lin Fa Shan I lost the sight quickly again. I just was not confident enough to run quick on that uneven and sometimes rocky surface (having an A race in 2 weeks also played part – silly pre-race injury the HK100 style is still on my mind).

Vince waited for me at the junction before we turned towards Lin Fa Shan. We chatted for a while. Then he took off to catch with the others to make sure they take the correct turn later on (he could not catch up and they did not take the correct turn).

I struggled my way ahead. I at least pretended jogging on the downhills otherwise it was just horrible. I promised myself to take a rest when we are back in Tung Chung before venturing further. By now I knew that getting down to Tung Chung would be as far as I can make it on this day.

We regrouped again at the beginning of the MSIG Lantau shiggy bit to Tung Chung. That part I have done few times before. Technical but not too bad (and not too fast in my case). It was the only happy section of the day.

Once down in the town on the road all I could manage was walk. I was done. I caught up with the guys one last time (only because they waited up) and told them I am done …

12.5km at the end in horribly polluted air and the worse heat ever – that was the last weekend TDS training run. I did not dare to go out for another on Sunday as the weather was more less the same …

Link to Strava here.

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