2015 TDS Training – Run no. 63 – Thursday morning Parker #15

The final run of my summer training in Hong Kong. And as it happened it felt on Thursday. I could run up to say bye to my summer buddies Mt. Parker and Mt. Butler.

It was a thundery morning. One seriously powerful rain shower passed just as I was getting out of the house. But by the time I made it downstairs the rain was over. I was testing my new Fenix 3 watch (last minute pre-departure purchase after the sudden failure of my trusted 910XT). I was impressed how quickly it picked up the satellites… I still have a lot to learn about this gadget but at least today I figured out how to press “START”.

I am more less in a taper mode already so today was not about pushing. It was about getting up to Parker and Butler before leaving Hong Kong for over 2 weeks.

I started easy up the Mt. Parker Road. Few minutes into the run the sound of thunder caused some concern. I checked the HKO app – there were some lightnings around but nowhere near HK Island, probably even outside of HK waters. I decided to continue and check the situation again at Tai Fung Au – before going up to the radars.

The air was quite heavy and humid – it would have been more pleasant if it rained. But at least it was not too hot. I made to Tai Fung Au and after quick glance at the HKO app I decided to continue towards Mt. Parker. From here as usual I was power hiking only until the top. There I paused only for the photo.

View from Mt. Parker on rainy morning

View from Mt. Parker on rainy morning

I rushed down and up to the next radar before jogging down to Tai Fung Au. I was playing it safe so it was rather careful downhill jog.

It seemed the thunderstorms were gone for good when I started climb up to Mt. Butler. But after few steps I could hear the loudest thunder sound of the day. It still was not anywhere near so I went on up.

Emerging from the bushes I could only see dark grey of the sky above Hong Kong. But view of Tai Tam (the other direction) was actually pretty nice, definitely better than from Mt. Parker few minutes earlier.

The view a bit better from Butler

The view a bit better from Butler

I snapped few pics and jogged back down the steps and down the road to Quarry Bay. It looked like I may manage a totally dry run on a very wet and rainy morning. But I did run into a heavy rain on my last 200-300 metres, already down on King’s Road. All good though, rain is fun…

So that is it, my summer training for TDS is over. I may do few taper runs on my travels between now and the race day but that is about it for now…

Link to Strava here.

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