2015 TDS Training – Run no. 7 – Tuesday night road

This used to be my usual regular Tuesday night route. After 2014 Standard Chartered Marathon I decided to stop racing on roads and focus on trails only. As a result I also stopped this Tuesday evening runs and switched to early morning jogs on trail.

Unfortunately while I seriously improved my endurance last year I lost some of my pace. And so I decided to bring back the Tuesday night pacy road runs on my usual route on a bi-weekly basis.

Tuesday Night Road

Tuesday Night Road

My times on this 12km route vary from my best 58:02 to my slowest 1:10:53. I consider every sub 1 hour run a good one.

I was quite curious what I can do after my two weekend runs (run 1 and run 2). I decided to go for and see. I pushed from the beginning. The first 1km is all uphill from the North Point sea level up to Tin Hau Temple Road. I made it to the just under 6 mins. This pace did not feel exactly easy on this day. I relaxed my legs a bit on the next 1km downhill bit while trying to make up some time. Sub 1h means sub 5mins average, so after 6mins on first uphill km there was time to be made up. Pace was good but legs felt a bit heavy. After the downhill part there is a short climb to Yee King Road followed by long downhill section to Lai Tak Tsuen. Here the legs slowly started to co-operate. But soon the downhill parts were over and it was uphill (not extremely steep though) more less all the way to Bowen Road.

I was struggling a bit, the legs felt heavy again but I tried my best to keep the pace decent. Once I reached the beginning of Bowen Road I knew I have almost 2 mins to make up to finish under 1 hour…

Tuesday Night Road Profile

Tuesday Night Road Profile

The weather was quite OK after the recent rains so the heat and humidity were not a factor. I picked up the pace a bit. It seemed I can handle it. On 10km mark I was still more than a minute behind. But the last bit is all downhill so I knew I still have a shot. There were no people around so I could run quickly down. I was also lucky with traffic as I did not have to wait for cars to pass before crossing roads at all.

I took some risks when running down the steps along the Peak Tram near the Sports Centre but that was good practice for trails too 🙂 .

My unofficial finish line are the poles somewhere in front of High Court and Pacific Place. I made it there in 59:53, so just about below 1h mark. Pretty happy with the effort considering my tired legs. Can’t wait to see what I can do when it gets really hot and humid 🙂

Link to Strava here

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