2015 TDS Training – Run no. 8 – Wednesday night track

Finally made it for the planned regular Wednesday track session. I was not feeling too well with hay fever giving hard time. Legs also felt a bit tired after the load of previous weekend and fastish Tuesday night run. So I was not sure if I would actually do any running. At the end I decided to give it a try. I went with my son, let him do his program during my breaks, while doing mu training during his breaks. Works pretty well.

Siu Sai Wan Sports Grounds at night

Siu Sai Wan Sports Grounds at night

I saw some guys doing 3km time trial few days ago during their track night. I thought it may be good idea to see where I am. So after warm up it was 3km, then after break 1km and then 400m to finish the night.

3km did not go well. I did not push 100% but still I expected time well under 12 mins without too much effort. With lots of effort I managed 12:09 or something like that. Days of sub 10m 3km runs are clearly long long gone 🙂

Few weeks ago I did my first 1km run on track in more 20 years. Pushing a bit but not too much (as I did not want to break/tear/pull anything) I did 3m40s. Far from sub 3mins of my previous life but still OK. This time 4m10 secs was best I could do. Not a good night.

Last was 400m. It was a mental challenge just not to give up and go home… At the end 1m31s, some 5 seconds faster only then my 9 year old son managed few minutes earlier.

Will see what regular track nights will do to my speed over next few months…

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