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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 1 – Thursday Parker

So, the post 100K races, post injury and post season easy few weeks are over. Time to hit those trails and road to get the body ready for the 119km run through Alps in August.  I am actually starting a day ahead, April 30, as first couple of May days I will be out of the city and not able to run.

The regular Thursday runs up the Mt.Parker road from Quarry Bay to radar worked well for me last year while training for CCC so I decided to keep this weekly run as part of my training routine. For first couple of weeks I will only do the run up and back down (about 11km in total), later will add the Tai Tam and Sir Cecil’s loop (some 20+km).

So, run number one. Easy jog and difficult slalom between people from North Point to Quarry Bay and then uphill push.

I haven’t done this run for a while so I decided to start with easy pace and keep running all the way to Tai Fung Au. It was warm and stuffy humid but surprisingly I made it up to Tai Fung Au without too much struggle. I thought about cooling down at the toilets up there but at the end I did not pause there. I switched to fast walk and kept pushing up to Mt. Parker. I changed gears few times and jogged here and there.

View of Tai Tam from Mt Parker on April 30

View of Tai Tam from Mt Parker on April 30

Once at the top I paused for the obligatory photo of Tai Tam and dashed down back to Quarry Bay. This may be a road not a trail but it is long  downhill (4.5km) so a good training ground. On the way back down I did make that cool down pit stop at Tai Fung Au but otherwise it was smooth sailing all the way.

TDS training run no 1 done.

Here is the link to this run on Strava.

2015 Country Of Origin Run – The race that wasn’t (and my pre-TDS training self assessment)

This was a cool concept. Find two team mates holding the same passport as yourself, form a team and have race against other teams on some fun Lantau trails.

Concept was cool but finding 2 team mates with same passport was mission close to impossible for me. But not wanting to miss out on all the fun I explored some other options. And one of the self proclaimed race directors announced that teams coming from other planets of our solar system will be given wild card entries (suggesting for example Uranus) and I was all for it.

Still I had to find team mates. I managed to convince a guy called Vince that he also is from Uranus. He in turn recruited lady called Rachel and Team Uranus was born.
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2015 Hard As Nayls – Family Edition

This was a short but very special race for me. Firstly our company was one of partners of the race – we supplied the race tees for the runners and volunteers. And I ran this race with my soon to be 9 years old son – as a team – in the family edition. My racing season was officially over after Translantau but I thought that 8km with my junior running buddy would be fun.

My son was taking this race seriously and obviously hoped we can finish good somewhere near the top of the order. I tried to keep his expectations down – after all there would surely be much older kids than him. My other concern was the weather. After our recce run I was sure that he can handle the course without too much trouble but late April heat and humidity could  be a factor…
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