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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 20 – Completing the 300km month

As usual during my training season it is back to back runs of Saturday and Sunday. It was a bit cooler and overcast compared to the brutal Saturday. I packed 2 half a liter bottles – one with noon and soft bottle with plain water. Plan was to take the usual flattish route on Cecil’s towards (and beyond) Mt.Parker Rd and then back. I wanted at least 11km to complete 300km in May and if I felt like doing more I would.

I was not pushing too much but I was not running too slow either, fast jog. I cooled down at my usual pipe near before the Mt. Parker Rd, crossed the road and followed on Hong Pak. I felt pretty fine so I decided to keep going on. Then I saw group of people with many unleashed dogs of all sizes around them. As usual in this situation I slowed down and started to walk in order not to overexcite the dogs.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 19 – Into the brutal Saikung heat

I must say I was really looking forward to this one. Group run following the first half of HK100 route was a great plan for Saturday. I however knew that the whole 51km would very likely not be possible in the hot weather that was to be. I set myself target to make it at least to Wong Shek Pier (about 30km) and then see.

It all started well. The initial road section was easy, the following winding trail section shaded with many streams so sun and heat were non issue. I tried to run economically at the beginning knowing that energy will be needed later on.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 18 – Thursday morning Parker #5

Time for another run up to Mt. Parker. I expected difficult day as the morning heat and humidity was far for pleasant.

I decided to start easy. I jogged along the road towards Mt. Parker Road, the usual slalom among the morning commuters. Once on Mt. Parker I started my patient run up the hill.

I tried to maintain steady pace. The longer I was running the more comfortable I was feeling. For the first almost 2km it was quite hard on my ears – the cicadas we seriously loud. But gradually that sound went away.

My steady pace got me up to Tai Fung Au in still decent shape. Thought that on a day like this I would struggle from here on. But the cloud I ran into once up here definitely helped with some cooling. It was really humid but it did not feel that hot.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 17 – The track night that did not happen

We missed the track night last Wednesday because of the thunderstorm so we were keen to get back to some faster running this time. Unfortunately (as we only found out once we got there) there was a football match on and the track was off limits.

We decided to do our track night outside of the track. We jogged around the stadium to the waterfront. We warmed up on a short track that is surprisingly right out there on the waterfront.

Track was off limits this time

Track was off limits this time

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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 16 – Tuesday night road – Humid struggle

It was back to the late evening Tuesday road run this week. Good timing as doing a proper morning run was close to impossible thanks to the morning rainstorm (first black rainstorm of the year…).

When I got out it was clear from the very beginning that even though it is almost 10pm it is pretty warm and humid… Here is the screenshot from Hk Observatory that I took at the end of my run some one hour later…

Hot and humid - summer is here

Hot and humid – summer is here

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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 14 – Stairmaster Twins errands

This was Stairmaster Twins Saturday. As I had no plan racing I went for the next best thing – helping with the race. At the same time as this was Saturday it was also a day to go for some decent mileage.

So the plan was to run early morning to Parkview, pick up the marking ribbons from Shane, do the forerunning duties and mark the course all the way to the mid point check point. And after closing the CP run back home. Routes to be decided. Distance planned somewhere around 30km.

It was stormy rainy wet wet morning. So first plan adjustment came right at the beginning. I wanted to get to Parkview with feet at least somehow dry. So I ditched the ideas of running over the hills and/or on the contour trail. I ran there on the road – my Tuesday evening route till Bowen and then turn uphill towards Parkview. Nice, fresh, pacy morning run, about 8km done.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 13 – Thursday morning Parker #4

I had to skip my planned Wednesday night track session. The thunderstorm was just a bit too much for my comfort. So for this morning run my legs were quite fresh and so was the post storm air.

By the time I got out of the house there was almost no rain. It was very humid but otherwise pleasant, overcast morning. Quick glance towards Mt. Parker revealed that I would reach the clouds quite early into my run. All set.

As usual I begun my warm up jog along the King’s Road, some 800m before the actual start of the climb. Once I reached the Mt. Parker Road I started my push up the hill. I kept steady running pace and my legs felt good. I thought that I am simply going too easy. My watch was telling me otherwise – pace was decent. The weather was definitely helping.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 12 – Easy Tuesday morning run

This is the “easy Tuesday” so instead of quick evening road run comes easy morning trail run.

I love these morning outings on the trails right in my backyard. I expected that today might be difficult to get out in the morning. Therefore I set my alarm clock for several alarms in 10 minutes intervals. After first 2 alarms I tried to convince myself that it would be more sensible not to wake up and go for evening run instead. At third alarm I looked out of the window, saw the weather is decent (meaning no thunderstorms etc) and decided to go for it. As it is warmer and more humid now I decided to take 2 bottles of water with me. One hand held with Nuun, another one was the soft flask filled with water only – and that one went into the back pocket of my jersey.
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2015 TDS Training – Run no. 11 – HK Run For Nepal

I am still amazed how quickly after the Nepal earthquake the local trail running community managed to organize charity run to raise funds for the earthquake relief…

I never hesitated when it came to taking part in this event. But as I don’t race in these hot months in Hong Kong I planned to make this run part of my training.

It was 13km and it felt just about right as the back-to-back run on Sunday at this stage of my training. For some reason perhaps for the first time ever I did not bother to check what the route is. What can it be, right ? Charity run, only 13km, Shing Mun reservoir… some loops around for an hour or so, and we are done… Yea, right 🙂 .
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