UTMB Training No 1 – Thursday Parker No 1

If it ain’t broken don’t fix it. My training routine last summer worked well for me so I decided to follow the same this year – with only change – adding a bit more hills and time to reflect the fact that my main race will be about 50km longer than the TDS was… Ten days in Nepal mountains meant some distance and elevation with lots of ballast on the shoulders but mostly in leisure pace. The training proper begun today.

I started with my usual Thursday morning Mt. Parker run. I took this run as a an opportunity to asses my fitness after the long training break that started after Translantau. Pace was easy – my target was to make it all the way up to the radar without walking. It felt surprisingly easy, before I realized I was up at the Quarry Gap. I kept on going towards the top without pause. About a kilometer from the top I met Dominic (running down the road). He decided to join me. He turned around and we ran together. Only when I started talking I realized that this run requires some effort. While still feeling fine – this last km seemed quite long …

At the top I made a brief pit stop and then we jogged back down to Quarry Bay.

Good run to start the training, happy to see that my fitness is OK following the long break. I did feel my legs though in the afternoon, and the next day …

Link to Strava here

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