UTMB Training No 10 – Tour of my backyard hills

Stormy weather forecast made the planning for the Saturday run a bit tricky. Luckily the thunderstorms passed overnight and the morning was just cloudy and steamy. I decided against spending time travelling to the other side of Hong Kong and opted for hilly run in the background. Plan was to go over the hills towards Parkview and then see how the day goes. I was hoping for decent 20+km hilly outing.

I jogged easy towards Cecil’s Ride and then climbed with medium effort over Siu Ma Shan, then jog down the hill and climb up to Jardine’s Lookout. That is where I had the first chat break – I met Mark running the other way from Jardine’s so we stopped for few minutes.

Everything was fine when I made it to Parkview, no thunderstorms anywhere around, I still had enough water. So I decided to stretch my legs a bit and run down towards Tai Tam reservoirs and then go via Snake Valley to Violet Hill. The road section was OK but the Snake Valley was not very runable – wet, muddy and slippery after the overnight rains. This was the trail where I busted my ribs last year so I took it easy, no risks.

The Violet Hill climb felt much better than last week. I was not pushing too hard knowing that I have few more climbs ahead after that. Back at Parkview I took short break – visit to supermarket to buy some Coke.

Powered by the sugary drink and pushed back up Jardine’s Lookout. It did not feel too hard but my pace was not exactly blistering. Between Jardine’s and Butler I bumped into Stuart – so another chat break before climbing up Butler. From Butler quick descent down to Quarry Gap and push up to Mt. Parker radar. For me the long 4.5km run down from radar to Quarry Bay was more important than the actual climb – but to go down one first has to get up.

Legs were getting obviously tired when running down from Parker but that is what they need – tired long descent will be plentiful at UTMB …

Although most of the time I maintained comfortable pace post this run I felt quite tired and thirsty. Had to drink quite a lot for the remainder of the day to rehydrate… It was clearly hotter than it felt …

Link to Strava here.

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