UTMB Training No 15 – Recce of last stage LT70 relay – Part 1

Easy run planned for Sunday. So this Sunday I took my son to check out the first half on the last leg of LT70 race. He is to take part in kid’s relay team in the race later this year and this would be his bit.

It was still hot, humid and stuffy with few rain showers. We took it easy. We climbed in easy pace from Shui Hau to the catchwater and from there on we followed the pattern running for a km (2 trail markers), walking 500m (one trail marker) and repeat until Pui O.

It worked well. We took it easy on the trail bit down to Pui O as it was very wet and slipper there. We also had to spend few minutes talking to a stray dog, convincing him to take another route. But eventually we made it to Pui O in reasonanle time. And perfect timing – we got to the bus stop at the same time as Mui Wo bus.

Good day out, nice 10km to shake off the Saturday hills and a great company.

Link to Strava here.

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