UTMB Training No 17 – Thursday Parker No 5

The hot weather continued. I was not sure if I could still run non-stop all the way as I did on all my previous four Thursday runs. But surprisingly I could still do it. Pace was a bit slower but I felt fine.

However already on the quick run down and up to the other radar I could feel that my batteries are draining… I jogged down to Quarry Gap. And then on the climb to Butler I hit the wall. Proper bonk. It was a very slow plod step by step one foot in front of the other to the top. Good thing though was that I did not feel like abandoning… So I just kept on going slowly. At the top of Butler I took a short break, had a drink and turned around. Jogged down the steps carefully and then hiked back up to Parker. I felt a bit better after that break so I could push a bit to the top. After that a steady not really quick 4.5km long downhill back to Quarry Bay. Suffer fest but good one.

Link to Strava here.

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