UTMB Training No 19 – Sunday recovery run

Originally planned to do the second part of the last leg of LT70 recce with Martin today. But because of the unstable weather we did not feel like waking up early and travelling all the way to Lantau. We opted for an easy hilly bit in the backyard.

I felt a bit tired from yesterday and it took a while to get properly going. We jogged up the road towards Cecil’s Ride and then took the short route towards Siu Ma Shan climb. I was going up very easy while Martin pulled away. He was totally enjoying the steps… After a while all I could see was the back of his white tee far ahead of me. He waited for me before we joined the HK Trail. By the time we started to climb Butler I felt much better. Clearly my legs needed about an hour to shake off the Saturday hills on Mac.

From Butler we ran down to Mt Parker Road, took the opportunity to cool down at the bathrooms and resumed our run down the road. On the way met a family friend of ours (on her run with the Veggie runners group) and a bit later we ran into the insane 5xParker group on their 3rd ascent of the day (Vic, Jay, Luis, Lennon, Jeremy and few others). Not sure how many of them actually finished that. I went up 3 times a week ago and I was going mental …

Nice fun run – what the doctor ordered after the long run on Saturday.

Link to Strava here.

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