UTMB Training No 2 – Back to trails – A bit of Wilson

I planned 3-4 hour long reasonably hilly slow trail run. Martijn was planning something similar so we decided to meet in Yau Tong and run on the Wilson trail.

I still felt my legs from Thursday run – not a big surprise after the first post-break run. To make things more interesting it was really hot and humid, first 30C+ run in months …

Our pace was reasonably mild although I was surprised to see some PRs post run on Strava… I kept up with Martijn most of the time until the No Name hill climb. On the downhills he usually opened a small gap – I was a bit cautious – running safely was the rule for this first trail run in weeks.

On the No Name Hill Martijn pulled away. To keep up would mean to push a lot for me. I was already struggling with the heat a bit. I switched gears and kept slower steady pace – still an effort but nothing too exhausting. Once on the road we ran down to Shatin Pass in easy pace. From there Martijn continued to Tai Po Road on Mac, I jogged down to Wong Tai Sin MTR.

Overall nice 18km run with no risks to slowly ease into the training.

Link to Strava here.

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