UTMB Training No 21 – Thursday Parker – Special holiday double edition

Dragon Boat Festival holiday today so I had more time for the regular Thursday morning Mt. Parker run. Plan was to do 2 runs up and down without any side trips to the next radar or Mt. Butler. Weather was pretty hot and stuffy in the morning. I was determined to run up all the way on the first run and plan for the second climb was mix of running and fast hiking.

The beginning of the first run up was quite tough. It was very hot and humid and sunny at the bottom of the hill and it took me a while to get used to it. But gradually as I was getting higher some clouds were moving about covering the sun from time to time. The conditions were changing from damn hot to rather decent. I managed to get all the way to the top without any pause or cool down break, running all the way.

At the radar I quickly turned around and jogged back down to Quarry Bay. I was feeling my legs on the downhill but reached Quarry Bay in OK condition. I finished the whole bottle of VFUEL but haven’t even touched my spare water bottle.

I took a short break refuelling at 7/11 (water, some Coke) and short bathroom break at the sports centre before starting the second run up.

I started jogging up then switched to jog/hike/jog/hike mode. The last 2km I mostly hiked only but in solid pace. I could hear some distant thunder so for a while I had doubts whether I should continue to the top of the hill. But quick glance at the weather map showed that nothing was anywhere near so I just kept on going. I was feeling very good. At the top I again just turned around and jogged back down. The legs were hurting a bit but nothing serious. I actually felt like going back up for the third time unfortunately I had no time to do that today.

This was a good midweek hill work out that went mostly according to the plan.

Link to Strava here

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