UTMB Training No 23 – Wet recovery run

Wet and stormy weather continued into Sunday. Still a bit disappointed by the abandoned Saturday run I went to shake off the legs. Even though I felt great on Saturday by Sunday morning I was feeling. Obviously that rainy weather was a bit deceiving. The Saturday run was not as effortless as it first felt…

The trails were quite wet and the rain was falling down although not as hard as on Saturday. I followed my usual Sir Cecil’s route (without any shortcuts), then turned up towards Siu Ma Shan bridge. From there on super wet trail in the Mt Butler Road direction and back on the Cecil’s Ride.

By the time I reached the Cecil’s Ride the sound of thunder was all around – although still quite distant. I enjoyed the rest of yet another wet run. Fun 10km run/jog in wet weather. Good way to cap the week.

Link to Strava here.

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