UTMB Training No 27 – Sunday run

Sunday is my recovery run day. After all the struggles and shortened runs earlier this week I decided to make this one a bit longer than usual. I was thinking about 15km on Cecil’s Ride and Hong Pak Country trail. I changed my plans by the time I finished Cecil’s Ride. It was too hot and I knew that if I continue I would be mostly walking. So knowing that walking it is going to be I decided it will better to walk uphill.

So when I reached Mt Parker Road I switched from running to walking and walked all the way up to the radar. The benefit of this was that I had ahead of me 4.5km of downhill – and that is much easier to run than walk. And some easy run is what I needed at the end.

So at the end a bit of jog, bit of work out up the hill and than easy jog down the hill. Felt better than walking on flat trail. The only thing that did not feel too good were all those bruises from Saturday – they do hurt more the day after…

Link to Strava here

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