UTMB Training No 28 – Tuesday road roast

The heatwave continues. After all the experiences from last week I decided not to force it and run at easier pace from the beginning. I already accepted the fact that my pace now on this 12km route is about 10 mins slower than during the cooler winter months but with much more effort.

The whole run was very similar to the one the week ago. Except for some reason there was much more traffic and I had to stop at almost every road crossing. To tell the truth I did not really mind – those short breaks were quite nice actually…

I made one important change – I carried sports drink instead of plain water – to help me deal with the tougher conditions. Hard to tell how much it helped. It still was a mental challenge to keep on running. While these hot runs are tough I am quite grateful for having to deal with this – pushing through rough times is something I will sure need during UTMB…

Link to Strava here

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